Flags & Tents

There is no denying the fact that visual advertisements are ruling the day. With better exposure of your brand, your sales are bound to go up. What better way to display your brand message and identity than on inflatable products such as flags and tents that seem to be used by so many potential customers? If your company is involved into conferences and trade shows, you can use customized flags for the promotion of your business.

A well-designed and colourful pop-up tent is hard to miss. They are one of the most versatile forms of outdoor ads. You can put them up in concerts, farmer’s market, parking lots, craft fair or any other prominent location where there is a large influx of people. You can also make use of inflatable tents that instantly command attention and create unique visual appeal. They score high on visibility and draw the attention of curious customers.

Outdoor flags are also massively popular with impatient audiences and crowd. They give you a complete 360 degree visibility of your brand and you can even play around with your choice of colours, brand logo and context.

At Altamyz, we give you innumerable options to choose from when it comes to inflatable advertisements. Our products are lightweight, fully customizable and focus on what your target audience needs to see. They are convenient to carry and transport and can also be easily stored.