Display Items


Popups are versatile in their efficacy. Whether you want to promote a product in a shopping centre, highlight your branding in a kiosk or underscore your brand messaging, popups have a solution.

Using popups is an effective way of making an impact with your marketing communication as they are available in a wide variety of sizes and formats, can have interchangeable graphic panels and are ready for use in portable cases. Popup display systems are a quick and easy way to create inspirational backdrops for events that are covered in the media, use as displays in any setting and often at exhibition stands. Banner popups may be used in the same settings and are appropriate for select communication. Variety and choice are the key to procuring the right material.

ALTAMYZ assures you of professional advice that will ensure you select the formats and sizes optimum for your individual need.


Rollups are also available in many sizes and formats. Also known as standees or rollup banners, our products are made from the finest material that is durable as well as cost-effective. While the standard specifications of rollups is 800m width and 2m height, other options are available. ALTAMYZ guides customers to make the right choice in terms of size and format – single or double sided depending on the communication objective and venue. Specialist outdoor units are recommended for open air venues. Premium quality material is always used to ensure long life of the products and effective reproduction of your messages.