Is your brand message out there already but seems to be blending in with the competition? If your content is perfect, then it’s probably because your strategy isn’t. This is where Lightbox Ad comes into play. The idea behind this form of advertisement is to enhance your marketing message while dimming everything around so that your target audience focuses only on your brand. The entire experience has a high engagement quotient and helps in much better and qualitative conversions.

Additionally, you have the option of more specific targeting with the help of keywords, interests, demographics etc. What’s more, you will no longer need to create fresh content every time you want to come up with a new ad. Recreating an existing content is much easier on Lightbox Ad.

At Altamyz Advertising, we ensure that your brand creates a memorable customer experience with lightbox ads. We will make it a lot easier for your potential clients to notice your brand and stay engaged with your brand message for much longer. Our strategies will ensure that once customer engagement is established, you pay lesser in the longer run and keep creating memorable experiences for your customer.